Balinese Aromatic

A traditional massage, pushing, pressing and circling along the body that uses warm aromatic oil to stimulate circulation, ease muscular and joint pain, bring a sense of well being, calm and deep relaxation.

Lava Lulur

A type of treatment for body that exfoliates the skin while strengthens the body and improves vitality and blood circulation. A more youthful looking skin prevails that feels smooth and silky. Choose the body scrub that best meets your personnel needs.


 Aromatic Express Spa

An express spa session that is specially designed for the busy city dwellers who want to a little pampering for themselves.

Royal Chocolate Spa

Using Chocolate for its antioxidant properties to the skin and to improve the overall of being well. Body massage oil followed by royal chocolate scrub used to exfoliate the skin. A chocolate body masker will be indulge and conclude the chocolate experience.


Greentea Spa

The Greentea is rich of vitamins, minerals, and natural oils. Body massage oil followed by Greentea scrub used for body which is perfect natural nourishment for the skin and will look more sooth and smooth. Greentea body masker will be indulge and conclude the Greentea experience.


WODA Boreh

An authentic century old Balinese boreh body treatment still used today as a health remedy. A traditional warm spice exfoliation to help relieve muscle tension, aches and increase circulation. The treatment of WODA Boreh is started with a relaxing body massage and continue with a Boreh scrub that made from cloves, ginger, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, and sandalwood is rubbed on the skin. The mixture of natural ingredients is used to exfoliate your skin. After the mask is applied, your body will be wrapped in a blanket to infuse this therapeutic properties into the skin. At the end of spa treatment, you will feel how your skin feels so soft and clean.

WODA Fusion

Steamed herbal compress containing WODA’s Fusion fresh herbal blend of many different traditional spices and herbs, each with their own unique, these herbs are wrapped in a compress ball. The compress ball is then applied to the body using specialized and distinctive movements. The herbal compress is good for alleviating pain, stiff, sore or pulled muscle and ligaments, chronic, back aches, migraines and chronic stress or anxiety. Many people like to take the herbal compress ball for relaxing, some people take when they are get muscle pain or get a cold, and many herbs inside the ball can help a lot of problem you have.


Aloe Vera Sensation

Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit with Aloe Vera Sensation Package. Treatment starts with Balinese massage using special Aloe Vera oil, followed by Aloe Vera body scrub and Aloe Vera body mask to complete the sensation. Our Aloe Vera body masks gives to your skin vital nutrition, minerals, vitamins and moisture for glowing, smoothness and protection. Suitable for all kinds of skin. The Aloe Vera wrap is an effective natural sunburn soother, its soothes burn skin and for moisturizing and encouraging new cell growth.

Wine Indulgence

Spend quality time together with this treat for two, designed to recharge and re-energize the relationship with your loved one. Escape the pressures of the daily life and relax and unwind in our beautiful spa. Indulge in three hours of relaxing body treatment which using aromatic massage oil, Wine body scrub , and fresh Grape body mask for warm up your body, clean the toxic inside your body (Antioxidant), let your skin feel more clean, younger, and shining ended with Red Wine bath.

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